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Our Signature Service

The Pack Walk

Our pack walks are designed to help maintain and improve upon your current training goals. We provide environmental exposure, healthy socialization and mental & physical fulfillment to each pack member. Each pack walk is 60-90 minutes in length, not including pickup and drop-off time. Pickup is between 8:30-10am, drop-off is between 11:30-1pm.

A minimum of 2-3 days per week are required to maintain consistent behavior within the pack.


$55 per day, per dog


"Tera may well be a dog whisperer! 
My pup, Pepper, loves her time with the pack. She has become less shy, better on leash and more responsive to commands. Tera is responsible, reliable, and best of all loves your dog like it was her own. 
Big paws up from us!"

Pepper's Mom

"Tera and Marley are absolutely the highlight of the week for my dogs, Trilby and Cindy. Tera sends me a pic or video on walk days and we all sit around and watch them! Most of all, Tera loves my dogs and I trust her and Marley (the assistant pack leader) 100% with my dogs...the best. "

"Tera and her dog Marley (the sweetest dog ever) are just a wonderful pair to take your dog on walks and hikes. Marley is my dogs dear friend and Tera is so kind and responsible just the perfect person to trust with your fur baby :-) We LOVE this team"

Captain's Mom

Cindy & Trilby's Dad

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